Would dating in russian

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And the number continued to drop to 6 percent among those aged 25 or younger.As the economic motivation to search for a partner abroad has weakened, most of the reasons for looking beyond Russia's borders are cultural, says dating coach and English teacher Svetlana Tolstykh, 40.

In the age group ten years below that, only 9 percent wanted a foreigner.Life is not as scary," said one respondent in a poll conducted by the website.Dating coach Tolstykh expects that the niche of women expressly looking for foreigners will become smaller as a new generation of Russian men adopt more emancipated views on relationships.Indeed, in her view, the economic crisis has made Moscow women want to stick with the familiar."It's better to wed one of your own, than an overseas prince.

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Many of the agencies also offer English language courses and translators to facilitate online communication.

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