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Android App | i OS App Create your own customized voice commands and replies.

You can also define hotkeys (also known as shortcut keys or keyboard shortcut) to automatically trigger a custom command action (such as launching a software, website, keyboard macro etc.) Read more Play songs and videos using voice commands.

Braina does language understanding and learns from conversation.

Read more Braina is a speech recognition software that converts your voice into text in any website and software (e.g., MS Word, Notepad etc.).

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Mr Santos told German news agency Ruptly TV: “Basically she likes to be touched.

“She has different modes of interaction ― she has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes.”Mr Santos has seemingly become a master in seducing the robot, and offers the following advice for her next suitor: “Normally she likes to be kissed always.”However, much like a real person, the robot can show insecurities as well as a fear of rejection, but as she gets more in the mood she can heighten the experience by requesting songs, with one example showing the robot asking for Ed Sheeran's music.

For example, you can remotely command Braina to play songs from any place in your house.

You can relax in your arm-chair and give voice commands to play your favorite songs.

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Braina is a result of solid research work done in the field of artificial intelligence.