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Technically, you're adding a new album at this point, but at least it will have the right album art.

I have faced this problem for a very long time, and have finally decided to try to fix it, finally came up with the solution how to. Go to the Samsung explorer "My Files" find the MP3 with the wrong artwork.

The Windows XP era was when there were several updates to Windows Media Player, starting from version 8 to version 10.

Windows Vista brought Windows Media Player 11, and Windows 7 brought version 12.

Visit Stack Exchange One of my albums has a completely unrelated album art associated with it.

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DVD playback was supported in Windows 7's version of WMP but removed later.

Windows 10 comes with Windows Media Player 12, but it has been improved upon in various ways.

Support for FLAC audio, MKV container format and HEVC video was added.

Support for the latest IDv3 tag standard for MP3s was also added.

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