Windows plesk awstats not updating datingbox ru

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Windows plesk awstats not updating

You need root access to the server for updating AWStats manually.From Command Line To update Awstats for a user alone via command line, run the command below after logging to the server as ‘root’ user.We have identified the stats configuration file for the domain under evaluation.For the purpose of anonymity I am using “” here, it should be replaced with the actual domain name being investigated.For eg: it uses the entries in the domlogs file for web traffic calculation.Same is the case with other services like IMAP, POP etc.

AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming server statistics reports based on the rich data contained in server logs.

In this case log files are generated with u_filename format: AWStat using 'logparser' service on IIS server in order to parse and upload IIS logs to AWStats service node.

DISCLAIMER: This is a general overview of GDPR compliance for various Plesk versions, not a legally binding document.

The directive “Allow To Update Stats From Browser” is to be set to 1 for Awstat to be updated from the c Panel interface.

Fire the below command to list the conf files present.

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c Panel Log Daemon version 26.0 —— [2016-04-17 -0400] Reading history file… webalizer.current [2016-04-17 -0400] Saving current run data…