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Who lil wayne dating 2016

"I said I wanted to finish the game when I started and Wayne’s somebody I really would like to finish the game with, even if we finish with respect of him still being my son. I don’t give a fuck about none of that, I care more about our relationship and that’s what I want to heal," he said.Based on Wayne's words above though, it seems Baby's intentions of reconciliation have fallen on deaf ears.Unfortunately, his schedule was already too tight for school and he dropped out the same year he began.Wayne started out in 1991 when he was signed to which has other mega rappers such as rappers Juvenile, B. Though he was the youngest of the team at age 15, Wayne’s impact could be felt in the group.The second reflected a different type of slogan."Before I get out this motherfucker," Wayne says in the above video.

Whereas Cameron’s mother Lauren London is a model, television personality and an actress.Currently, he has numerous songs to his name and has worked with many equally famous and rich stars who are renowned for making a huge difference in the trap world such as Nicki Minaj, Eminem, DJ Khaled, etc.Lil Wayne loves body arts and tattoos, thus has numerous collage of it on his skin.After a few songs with the group, he moved on to continue his rap career on his own and released his first album The album was successful and he held on to the achievement to drop more raps.The success also helped in placing him in the spotlight.

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The name Cameron is thought to be derived from cam sròn, a Gaelic word which means “crooked river.”For more News and Entertainment follow e Celebrity Mirror.

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