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He has publicly stated that Lindsay has tried to make a move on him, but he had turned Lindsay down and was never in a relationship with her.

When Lindsay found out that James was denying their encounter, she decided to come forth with the details of what took place.

She goes into detail about the conversations they had that day and how everything went down.

James also commented by, once again, denying it and also saying that she had issues and was delusional for even including him on that list.

Joaquin apparently had not been seen in the Hollywood scene often because he was working on a project.

When he reengaged in the Hollywood party lifestyle and was out in public, he was spotted with Lindsay.

There have been many relationships that Lindsay has confirmed and denied.

Despite no longer being together, Wilmer admitted that he still had feelings for Lindsay, but Lindsay never made it clear if she felt the same way.In 2006, Wilmer was on the Howard Stern’s radio show and discussed the couple’s relationship in detail.He might have given listeners a little too much information, but surely, Lindsay did not mind hearing that she made her boyfriend happy.Back in 2014, a hand-written list of people who were supposedly Lindsay's former lovers was revealed.The list was never meant to be made public and was written as a part of a rehab activity.

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Those who saw the two partying together said that Lindsay was all over Joaquin.