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Validating clinical trial data

A number of hypotheses were tested, and the results were analyzed to see what kind of conclusions could be derived from them. We already knew that only around three percent of all data was changed.

However, we knew that not all of those changes were directly related to SDV.

All clinical monitoring should be packaged with risk management tools to make it targeted and much more impactful in the clinical trial process.

“Clearly, the more data and analysis we have, the more guidance we can provide to companies attempting to undertake a new RBM strategy.

Information like this, at the very least, will give them a lot more comfort in getting this effort off the ground.

The guidance in this paper, which we have provided in conjunction with Trans Celerate, will be a good starting point for many companies.

Sponsors finally realize it is time to act, and are talking about their successes in public forums.

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In an industry that seems to be focused on cutting the cost of clinical trials, it’s no surprise that reducing the amount of source data verification (SDV) performed in studies—the process of cross-referencing data recorded in a case-report form to the original source information—is an integral part of risk-based monitoring (RBM) strategies.

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