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Because of that he can't say much about what he does there beyond "database-related work on behalf of the Department of Justice." But he said studying online immediately paid dividends at work.

He remembered one meeting at work focused on issues on the office's computer network.

"The more solutions I learned were available the more I was interested in exploring their usage," she said.

" Bob Watkins summarized the DBA responsibilities clearly.

"It's been said that the database administrator (DBA) has three basic tasks.

You can develop the skills and knowledge you'll need to create a fulfilling career in this growing high-tech field of developing and managing databases, with a special focus on the popular and top-rated Oracle database solutions.

Database administration enables you to help companies create new or update existing databases based on their internal data collection needs.

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There isn't anything on the Internet without a database; anything that requires e-commerce has a database.