Updating a bios sophisticated discreet dating

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Updating a bios

All in all, it's looking very prosperous for AMD, and not so great for Intel.CPU war aside though, if you're looking to purchase one of the latest Ryzen chips then you probably have a couple of questions regarding compatibility as well. This being said, consumers will have to do a BIOS update in order to accommodate the latest chips.If your motherboard is not on this list then don't worry, they will be updating it as further motherboards become BIOS compatible.Both manufacturers have made sure their flagship X470 boards are compatible, which is useful as a lot of people are opting to purchase the cheaper x470 instead of splashing out on a fancy x570.There are a whole bunch of new CPUs which are set to hit shelves on July 7th that range from the 3600 right up to the 3900x.

Once in the BIOS section, search out the latest version of BIOS for your motherboard.For example, for an MSI motherboard, you will have to change the file name to MSI. Once you've changed the file name, take your flash drive and plug it into the BIOS FLASHBACK USB slot. If you aren't sure which slot it is then check the motherboard manual.At this stage, it's worth mentioning that you only need motherboard power, nothing else is required.If you haven't heard about the highly anticipated new range of Ryzen chips that are due for release this Sunday, then where have you been for the last six months?They are LITERALLY huge news and boast performance levels which are set to eclipse Intel's CPUs for the first time since, well, since I can remember.

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The most common question we've heard is whether or not your old motherboard will be compatible with the new chips? Now, don't be worried, even though the BIOS sounds like a scary place, it's actually quite easy once you know what you're doing, and in some cases, a BIOS update doesn't necessarily require you to access the bios at all.

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