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In 2010, Kesha first revealed that she loves people rather than just men, claiming to be neither gay or straight because of her dislike for labels.She is an activist in the LGBTQ community and also an ordained minister.Jodie Foster came out to the public in her award speech at the Golden Globes in 2013.She had come out to her close family and friends long ago but, said she never told fans because she values her privacy.Not every LGBT identifying celebrity shouts out their sexuality to the world.They might not be in the closet, but they also don’t necessarily make a point to let people know. Some consider privacy paramount, while others feel an amount of social responsibility.Petersburg International Film Festival in 2013 because the country has antigay laws.

NPH confirmed to himself he was gay after a kiss from Burt Reynolds in the late 1980’s.While that might have made fans wonder about his sexuality, he did not officially come out as gay until 2014. co-star, Robert Pattinson, she’s altered her outlook when it comes to talking about her love life.Perhaps she felt she owed the LGBTQ community to be an out and proud role model. Coming out is likely the reason his career in the NFL and football as a whole ended so prematurely due to the sport’s pretty clear discomfort with homosexuality.He is now a motivational speaker and an inspiration to many young athletes struggling to come out of the closet.

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Coming to this realization was not easy for him, but he is now openly gay, proud, and married to David Burtka.