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Posted by / 06-Dec-2019 00:31

Not only does it have a stylish security-camera-like finish, but it is also a powerful little tool.

While we still recommend an outside mic, the Microsoft Life Cam Studio uses a wideband mic to deliver better sound than many of its competitors. If you like to always be on the leading-edge, consider purchasing a Logitech BRIO. To be honest, the answer is a lot of small details, such as good audio, HD video and an awesome webinar platform (cough cough).They might not seem like a huge deal when you’re first starting out but, trust us, they add up.Flash forward a few years, and every computer has a built-in webcam.Common logic might tell you built-in is superior…but here’s a not-so-secret secret: an external webcam can do things — like zoom, pan and autofocus — that your built-in webcam can’t.

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Not to mention, you can always update your webcam as newer technology comes out if you want a higher quality picture (it’s a lot cheaper than replacing your whole computer).