Tice dating buttons chronology

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Tice dating buttons chronology

From 1888-1966 Bannerman produced larger catalogues at various times, some 26 catalogues from this period having been identified. Bannerman catalogs are favored sources among arms and equipment collectors.

Another Civil War era printed catalog is by Horstmann Brothers (1852-1877) that has been reprinted in 1972 as the Current sources for Civil War accoutrements and equipment has been the subject of several encyclopedias with subject groups arranged alphabetically.

Volume 4 covers cavalry, volume 5 features forts and artillery, volume 6 focuses on the navies and volume 8 focuses on soldiers’ life.

One of the surprises facts that came out during the Civil War Centennial was the unexpected high number of photographers during the Civil War. Some took portraits at railroad stations as soldiers often waited for their trains to come and decided to have them done for their girlfriends, wives, family members and other acquaintances.

See Frances Lord’s chapter, “Manuals and Training Literature” edited by Francis Trevelyan Miller has long been the standard source for Civil War images.

Both sides published ordnance and quartermaster manuals and uniform regulations outlining what was prescribed for use by the men.

Confederate organizations often substituted items that were handmade until supplies caught-up or Union materiel was captured.

However, it turnout that many haberdashers took photographs of soldiers who just had their uniforms tailored.

Two good sources for tracking down photographers are Ross J.

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The Company of Military Historian publications start in 1949 and features a “Military Uniforms in America,” four color plate series with each issue and a separate plate series for subscribers that includes illustrated and documented articles.

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