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The collar purple dating site

The website is outdated and quite difficult to navigate around.Many of the profiles are either fake or have been inactive for a long time. Since a person doesn't need a profile to browse the different accounts, anyone can basically "prowl" around these public profiles and do whatever they want with the information they find. Collarspace doesn't send out your information to third parties.Public events are posted here and can be attended by anyone.The events are diverse and range from balls, to flea markets, to pride parades.Besides your basic information, your profile has details from 12 categories of interests and one category of skills.These 12 interests are adventure, athletics, BDSM (1, 2, and 3), diversions, hobbies, intellect, lifestyle, music, spiritual, and sports.Now almost all of them are either bots or scammers who just want money but never want to meet up.I guess this is one of the pitfalls of a website that has no price.

Although Collarspace has a promising premise, the execution is a tad disappointing.

Even though you'll find that some of the profiles have been inactive for years, there's always that helpful list of currently online members on the homepage.

There are indeed real people looking for genuine relationships, but it seems like you'd have to weed through the thousands of "findommes" (dominatrixes who practice financial domination) and dormant profiles.

They don't look like they're arranged in a comprehensive way either.

The website is not user-friendly because you can't rely on your instincts to find certain functions.

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