Swift dating london

Posted by / 27-Mar-2020 15:41

Swift dating london

Taylor Swift managed to slip into the London premiere of Joe's move for their first official red carpet moment for Joe and Taylor, a source told The Sun the singer didn't want to distract from her boyfriend's achievements."Taylor didn't want to draw attention to herself because it was really Joe's night", the insider commented.

It's widely reported that Joe was also there and Coincidence orrrrr?

Unfortunately, we can't fill you in on what specifically happened over the six months between November 2016 and May 2017 because the couple were so darn good at hiding their relationship.

In May, the story of their relationship finally breaks.

The two are seen enjoying coffee on a balcony in Nashville, Tennessee and Taylor is smiling. It's reported that Joe is there to meet the parents. As well as this, reports that Taylor is house-hunting in London - the city where none other than bloomin' Joe lives - also do the rounds.

Taylor and Joe are photographed again, however, this time they're really trying not to be.

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Swift obliged, but was quickly met with more and more photo requests from other attendees at the party.