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Investors are particularly focused on whether the options scandal will hurt Jobs, 52, who co-founded Apple in 1976 and has been the driving force behind Apple's turnaround in recent years.The maker of the Macintosh computer and the i Pod portable music player has attracted a cult-like following for its innovative products. Securities and Exchange Commission charged former Apple Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson and ex-General Counsel Nancy Heinen with securities fraud, but settled with Anderson on Tuesday.The agency said it would not bring enforcement action against Apple , but that did not preclude more action against individuals at the company, said an SEC official in San Francisco. It said the false grant dates helped Apple avoid reporting nearly million in expenses and said Heinen had fictitious board notes created regarding the options.Under Apple’s rules, the chief executive’s remuneration must be set by a compensation committee of independent directors and later authorized by the full board.

The latest revelation is likely to add to questions about Apple’s disclosures about its internal investigation into the backdating issue. Jobs over the matter, saying that while he had been “aware” of the backdating “in a few instances,” he “did not receive or otherwise benefit from these grants and was unaware of the accounting implications.” According to an Apple filing in 2002, the options under review were handed to Mr.

This isn't the first time that rumors of Jobs' involvement in stock options backdating at Pixar have surfaced, and of course he continues to be dogged by claims that the same thing happened at Apple.

So while other executive have lost their jobs, Jobs has done a good job of casting himself as not having been closely involved with the practice.

"Our public statement is simply about the company as a company," he told Reuters.

"There are times when we will settle with a company or tell a company 'we're not going to sue you,' but that has no bearing on what we might do with individuals." Based in Cupertino, California, south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley, Apple has said an internal review found two questionable options awarded to Jobs, but found no wrongdoing by current management, including Jobs.

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Its revenue and share price have both risen dramatically in recent years.

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