Star trek dating

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We then use the interests you shared along with what you are looking for to recommend people we think you’ll like.Say you enjoy cosplaying with other Star Wars fans.But now, a new task; a probe out into where no man has gone before." followed by the words "STAR TREK" appearing on screen.They fade away and are replaced by "STARRING WILLIAM SHATNER." The episode then moves into act one, with the words "STAR TREK ACT I" appearing on screen.

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A question: what is out there in the black void beyond?

Until now our mission has been that of space law regulation, contact with Earth colonies and investigation of alien life.

After the words, "Assignment: Earth", came, "Guest Star Robert Lansing as Mister Seven." See more » The second pilot of the series, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was originally cut a bit differently than the version that exists on VHS and DVD.

In the original cut, there is an opening narration by Captain Kirk stating: "Enterprise Log: Captain James Kirk commanding.

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