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You know that Forza Horizon 3 style freeroam where you can do just as much activities as you can on singleplayer?Please guys we are begging you to give us this experience, I'd love to meet up with my friends in a REAL freeroam online session and show off my custom made cars.

Since I never really play NFS multiplayer anyways, I dont really have anything to say on that part of the game. But I can't fathom the ridiculous card performance upgrade system.

It seems we got everything we asked for in an open world street racing game, if only we didn't get all the nickel and dimed by EA. Great graphics, awesome day/night cycle, fun races and likeable characters. First off, the speed cards absolutely ruined the game.

I get it, it's about the grind but players shouldn't have to feel forced to give in to microtransactions just to advance throught the story. Online competitiveness is everywhere but what about the casual players?

I hope it's because we're still in pre-release and you're planing on putting it tomorrow or the next few days.

Please don't let us down, I've had every nfs game since NFS II (1997).

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The customization is the best ive seen, the card systems dumb i'd like a shop to drive to and pick my neon/tires smoke/and nos colors instead of the random cards but it still isn't bad, i haven't used real money in game and never will in a $60 game i paid enough.

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