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Nowadays, botanists (in the strict sense) study approximately 410,000 species of land plants of which some 391,000 species are vascular plants (including approximately 369,000 species of flowering plants), Botany originated in prehistory as herbalism with the efforts of early humans to identify – and later cultivate – edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, making it one of the oldest branches of science.

Medieval physic gardens, often attached to monasteries, contained plants of medical importance.

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Examples of early botanical works have been found in ancient texts from India dating back to before 1100 BC, Modern botany traces its roots back to Ancient Greece specifically to Theophrastus (c.They were forerunners of the first botanical gardens attached to universities, founded from the 1540s onwards.One of the earliest was the Padua botanical garden.You are invited to join Matched Speed Dating (Ages 38 - 48 years ) ( ( nights are incredibly fun, friendly and exciting.You will get the opportunity to go on a series of at least 6-8 matched speed dates and then mingle with everyone else in the room - all in a fantastic venue The Botanical at South Yarra Pick up your mobile and only speed date your closest matches in the room. Unlike traditional speed dating where you sit through a conveyor belt of dates, the entire night is run by City Swoon ( on your smartphone.

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Dominant themes in 21st century plant science are molecular genetics and epigenetics, which are the mechanisms and control of gene expression during differentiation of plant cells and tissues.