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However, studies show that this stigma no longer exists.In fact, the opposite is true; many people consider online dating to be a useful tool for meeting new people and even a potential mate.In their now-famous experiment, Iyengar and Lepper (2000) conducted a study looking at two different stores that sold jam.One store had many kinds of jam, and one had a limited selection of jams.

The longer you look at something, the more you will realize that something is wrong, because nothing is perfect.Online dating is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, especially as the stigma decreases.When it initially began, many people did not feel that it was an acceptable way to meet people.Men tend to post pictures displaying their socioeconomic status (cars and money), while women tend to provide more pictures to demonstrate their attractiveness.When describing themselves, men tend to use numbers and talk about their friends, while women tend to have lengthier descriptions including positive emotions.

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If you read Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance, you know that one of the most significant problems with dating today is that there are just too many choices.

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