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Skype and sex club

That is why we extended our Skype Club to Wednesday lunchtime too. Whenever I organize something I like to give it the opportunity to grow.I decided to start the Skype Club on an alternating week basis: one week at lunchtime, and the following week after school.We have so far had an introduction lesson on Micro: Bits, spoken to a ranger from Mount Rainier, and connected with classes and individuals from across the U.S., Cyprus and India—all while playing the amazing Mystery Skype game. Threesome, foursome or more person in private video chat rooms. Become a film director and help cam models to make an awesome Skype sex movie. Handsome, muscular, fat or lean, hairy or bald men are waiting for you. If you want a hot porn show, look at this category and find your favorite cam boy.

The aim was always to raise aspirations, educate and inspire, but I wanted to also reach the teaching staff and provide them with an opportunity to experience for themselves how powerful and engaging Skype in the Classroom truly is.

The staff were asked if there were any pupil enrichment clubs that could be offered and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a Skype Club.

With it being run after school it meant that many of the virtual field trips, Skype lessons and guest speakers that would not normally be accessible due to the time difference could now be accessed.

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Using the Microsoft Educator Community makes finding these connections easy.