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I called customer service and they told me my radio was bad. After reading these posts i think Sirius should offer to fix this since it is obviously their update that is bricking these radios!Sirius XM really needs to step up and handle this non-compliance mess they made for themselves.This site is offered as a convenience to our users and the internet at large.If you would like to participate in the discussions please visit This still didn't sit right with me so i called corporate today and was transfered to customer care in NY and guess what.Without any hesitation the tech said I see they have ordered you the sportster 5 and I will credit the card back the FULL amount once the order is placed and it should ship out on Monday and you should get it by Wednesday. I was also given this number 1-888-635-5142 which is the sirius New York Customer care number.Not only are the programming updates affecting older, non-compliant radio's, but also Sirius's try to put a "optimize" band-aid on their FCC responsibility's is making their Guarantee a joke.A joke Sirius needs to turn around and show consumers, investors and the FCC that they can solve like a responsible corporation which wants to continue to use the US radio spectrum in accordance with FCC rules.

I think what I did wrong was to not leave it on 'Sirius'. I'd keep your radio on Sirius for a few minutes the next time this happens to see if it speeds up the update.

If you would like to participate in the discussions please visit On a 45 minute commute its a pain not to have music for so long. I think that the "updating channels" messages happen pretty infrequently, and they usually only last for a minute or two.

I had an UPDATING CHANNELS message this morning, 5/25 for about 25 minutes. Your situation defintiely sounds like it was not the norm. I wonder if the updates take longer if the signal gets blocked at all during the update process.

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I did some searching around and couldn't find a solid answer, I have a Starmate R that when I power on goes through the cycle of splash screen, updating channels 100% complete, invalid channel, displays the sid then gets stuck at updating channels 0% complete.