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Sign up double your dating newsletter

All it will take is a few simple shifts in your words and body language to connect to a man where it counts… You could change everything with just a few simple words.

I decided to study De Angelo's site to see exactly what he was doing right.

Eventually, I began to see exactly why he was able to get so many sales.

Here are a few key messages that help De Angelo generate massive sales numbers: - Anyone Can Do It: This is the single most important message.

They aren’t particularly attractive, rich, or famous. Take David De Angelo (who's real name is actually Eben Pagan).

All of which scream to a woman: “Hi, I have zero confidence in myself, which means I’ve failed to meet my own emotional needs, which means I can’t possibly meet yours, either. It sparks overwhelming emotions in a woman that, once set off, she’ll want to explore further. Right qualities (sense of humor, the ability to listen, compassion, activism) and then, no matter how deeply buried or dormant they may seem — take action to uncover, nurture, grow and project them.

Needless to say, a man’s confidence is powerful fuel indeed.

His fan base is enormous and it even includes women, who praise his wisdom for making men more interesting and confident.

The free newsletter and the e-boook contain huge amounts of practical information that could double your dating as fast as overnight.

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and watch how it translates instantly into new confidence.

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