Sedating children for travel

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Sedating children for travel

When the procedure is complete, the nitrous oxide will be turned off and your child will breathe in pure oxygen for about 5 minutes to clear out any remaining gas.

You should limit your child to a very light meal before this procedure, such as toast or a bagel.

IV Sedation Intravenous (IV) sedation requires a needle to be inserted into your child’s vein, usually in the arm or hand.

The biggest advantage to IV sedation is that the dentist can give your child more medicine during a longer procedure to keep him or her relaxed.

The medicine usually begins to work within 20 minutes.Nitrous Oxide Often called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a very safe, mild sedative that will help your child remain relaxed during dental procedures.Your child’s dentist will give the sedation with the use of a “space mask,” which carries air (oxygen) mixed with the medication.Single 25-mg doses at bedtime or 6.25 to 12.5 mg taken three times daily will usually suffice.After initiation of treatment in children or adults, dosage should be adjusted to the smallest amount adequate to relieve symptoms.

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Your dentist will have your child take the medicine once you arrive at the appointment.