Screen updating translate

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Screen updating translate

However, one of the reasons for using the original code was because I could understand the code and therefore its actions. If I need to add multiple variables to the string (if my userform contains Opt3, 4, 5 etc) do I just continue to duplicate the 'Else If'' statement ? Open("E:\MYDOCUMENT" & Str Var & ".dot", _ Add To Recent Files:=False, Visible:=False) And what is meant to happen if two of them are true (assuming that's possible)?

Paste Thanks macropod, I will try this code to see if it helps. You could also use a series of If statements on their own: Dim Doc As Document, Str Var As String If Opt1 = True Then Str Var = "" If Opt2 = True Then Str Var = "2" If Opt3 = True Then Str Var = "3" If Opt4 = True Then Str Var = "4" Set Doc = Documents.

Some of the performance issue is network speed related, which is outside of your control from VBA. Not using selection object, but a range object instead. but you no longer have a selection object in that document (since selection only refers to the Active Document). In that case, I would suggest looking up "Working with Ranges" in the Word help file.

Visible = False, which Paul has already demonstrated). You don't have to select to copy, you can simply use o Doc. Open method will speed up the process of opening and closing... But, big picture, worrying about screen-flickering sounds like you're trying to make this super slick-- which is, frankly, probably not possible without a lot of help, given your level of expertise, unless you're also using this as a learning exercise.

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Paste Hi Neil, Yes, you could use more Else If arguments, though it does seem odd to have so many Opt variables first.

Dim str VARIABLE1 As String If Opt1 = True Then str VARIABLE1 = Word. especially if the OP gets to the point where so many documents are being opened/closed in the background that the screen is actually frozen for a noticeably long time. Sorry to be a pain macropod but would you mind showing how the 'Insert File' method works and a code for it based on the above? - Neil I think Paul was asking whether there are scenarios where you need to open/copy/close/paste from multiple documents, not whether you might have multiple option buttons selected at once (in which case, I would suggest a use of the collection object, but it doesn't appear to be a need for you) The performance hits are the (primarily) the following: 1. Insert File might be helpful, although I don't think it will be appreciably different from opening with . Copy Making the Visible parameter false in the Documents. One of those commands tells Word to give some visual feedback to the end-user (i.e., highlight stuff in black) and one just does it (that's the concept of *the* Selection vs. You'll want to keep looking for any use of a selection object in your code, and then post sample for how to translate (I'm guessing it's rampant, since at least some of this started as a recorded macro-- which is a great way to start, very easy to remember what you did and see the recorded equivalent). Open("E:\MYDOCUMENT" & Str Var & ".dot", _ Add To Recent Files:=False, Visible:=False) Doc. Option 1 - Statement 1 Option 2 - Statement 2 Option 3 - Statement 3" When using Option Buttons in a Frame you can only select one Option Button at a time I have found.This tends to be when the template being copied opens/closes. In some respects, the flickering can be nice-- it lets you know something is going on.Is there anything that I can add to my code that might eliminate the updating? Would it help it the above was placed in the template that is being opened ? Screen Updating controls the updating of the current document's window, but not the updating that occurs when documents are opened/closed. If your screen "locks up" because of an effective use of the Application.

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Dependant upon their selection, will depend upon what document is opened, copied, and then pasted into the template. Try something along the lines of: Dim Doc As Document, Str Var As String Str Var = "" If Opt1 = True Then Str Var = "" Else If Opt2 = True Then Str Var = "2" End If Set Doc = Documents. Open("E:\MYDOCUMENT" & Str Var & ".dot", _ Add To Recent Files:=False, Visible:=False) Doc. For example the userform might say: "Please select one of the following statements to include in your report.

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