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Russian internet dating agency the relationships

However, this registration in no way shares any user or personal data with any Russian regulatory bodies and we have not handed over any data to their government," a Tinder spokesperson said.

The company's website states it may disclose personal information when required by law, "such as a court order, subpoena, or search warrant, government/law enforcement investigation or other legal requirements." Owned by the U.

The state does not have the resources to read this "gigantic volume of messages and stickers." "While the authorities are trying to keep a few hundred opposition activists on a leash, they are really poking their nose in the life of millions of apolitical citizens, slowly turning these citizens against them," he said.

However, the state could try to collect data on specific individuals considered a threat, such as members of the opposition, in an attempt to blackmail them, especially if a person has non-conventional sexual preferences, she said.In a statement to RFE/RL on June 3, Tinder did not say whether it would hand over information if the Russian security services requested it."We received a request to register with the Russian authorities, and, as of now, we have registered to be compliant.Tinder also stores debit- and credit-card information of those that subscribe to premium services.Russia passed a law in 2015 requiring select domestic and foreign companies to retain the personal computer data of its citizens on servers inside the country. Companies that refuse to comply with Russia's new law risk being added to the country's Internet blacklist and banned from operating inside the country.

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