R kelly monaco and val dating

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R kelly monaco and val dating

He doesn’t know who he is right now, but that will soon change.Viewers have been waiting for way too long for the big Jason reveal.Ja Sam fans are hoping for a long-awaited reunion, but there are their other halves to worry about before that happens.Jason is engaged to Elizabeth, who has been keeping this secret to herself. Patrick Drake and has made a family with him and Emma.That poor little girl will once again be heartbroken that her daddy can’t seem to walk down the aisle with a new mommy without a “dead” spouse being revealed.Were you hoping that there would be a Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller romance?It’s great that they struck up a friendship outside of work, but those rumors have been swirling on a possible romance for a while now.Fans of the soap may have been hoping for a real-life romance between those two, but Kelly Monaco says otherwise, even though the photos sure looks like a romance is blooming between them.

The two, who were first mired in dating rumors last year, uploaded photos of each other which only supported previous speculation that they are travelling together as per ET.It's always one crisis after another for the characters on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and once again, Sam has found herself in an impossible situation.Torn between Jason and Drew, the two men that she loves, it's enough to make anyone throw in the towel.However, she was much cozier with Billy than with anyone else.Of course, they do work together very closely, and as Monaco pointed out, they do hang out together off the set quite often.

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The twosome was seen running around on the beach having fun, but the snapshots of them getting cozy in the ocean waves were most questionable.