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Starting in 1947, the world discovered the entire record of Jewish scripture, including every book in our current Old Testament (except for Esther), sitting miraculously intact in a cluster of desert caves near the Dead Sea in Israel.

Now we have absolute proof that the Jewish prophecies of the coming Messiah predated Jesus Christ.

By the time of Jesus, we could say they had perfected it.

Why is it important to stress that they were experts at it?

Josephus does not tell us how long his “former acquaintance” hung on the cross, or whether he, like Jesus, endured forty torturous lashes prior to being nailed to the cross.

What would keep a group of religious zealots from writing a few "predictions" to give their religious guru some more credibility...?Group settings are great because you get to know the other person and watch him interact with others. This was before I learned that we shouldn’t get to know each other alone.) We were both studying and talking, but really just talking. I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt and kept trusting others. At one point, I had to decide to trust the Holy Spirit over what others said about my boyfriend. The best advice someone has ever given me is this – you can not mess up God’s plan. His plan for you was written before you were even born (Jeremiah 1:5). That was too much information, and shared way too early.Is it possible to be horribly tortured by flogging, then crucified, and yet live?There is only one example, in the writings of the Roman historian Josephus, of a person surviving crucifixion.

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Pontius Pilate even asked for confirmation of Jesus’ death.