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The best thing about this movie is definitely the portrayal of a Pagan family and their traditions and beliefs. They do backyard farming and reuse and recycle things that can be recycled; even the art the family creates has a heavy emphasis on nature.

We also see realistic portrayals of the family celebrating the autumn equinox in traditional ways common for Neopagans today.

But Rhea doesn’t know that her family has magic, and on top of this, Rhea shows signs of possessing all three magical abilities, which makes her particularly special according to her family’s tradition.

I don’t want to say much more and give anything away, but it was an excellent family-friendly Pagan movie.

He never specifies that Rhea has magical powers or if it’s just her religious beliefs, but either way, the bullies run with the information.Rhea is made fun of for picking up trash at school or going through the trash for recycling.She also gets teased for making a dress out of plastic bags.During this time, however, Rhea’s magical powers begin to awaken.Each woman in Rhea’s family possesses a different gift—Rhea’s grandmother controls the elements, her mother sees the future, and Rhea is supposed to receive the gift of healing.

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