Over the road truck driver dating

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Over the road truck driver dating

If most people ask their boyfriend what they did today they have many things to talk about and elaborate on.If you ask a trucker that question the only answer you will get is “drive”.If you like to make plans for specific things to do with your significant other that needs to be on certain dates such as concerts and other events, good luck with that.

Meet single men and women that drive Mack, Peterbilt, GMC and all types of big trucks.

After awhile he moved closer and then chose a local driving job.

He injured himself doing that, was out of work for almost 2 years and then had to search for a job.

That alone is very uncomfortable for most people who want to be in a relationship to actually have someone around to enjoy life with.

By hey, if you just want a phone/pen pal, you’ve got it!

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Some of these issues can be very challenging and it’s definitely not the lifestyle for everybody.