On the money dating help for dorks over 50 and dating

Posted by / 28-May-2020 07:28

So then later say I might end up doing something even more incredibly dumb like sending her flowers to see if she remembers me to spark her interests that I’m still thinking about her?

Oh, of course, but probably by then any chance will be gone.

So far I have bought a park that is known as the worst/drug heavy spot outside of town. If I want to be powerful and successful I need to learn how to fix problems. I’m not saying I’ve always lost money, but recently since August 2007 I’ve made some big loss trades.

This is definitely a problem and with a k mortgage I definitely need to fix it. I should be making BIG gains, but for some reason I’m not making the right decisions.

You know how you are married or dating and suddenly all these beautiful women/men suddenly appear, but you are locked in a relationship. The new property manager has been a big help and I hope he can handle it.

Last year at this time oil was hitting highs of /BBL and currently we are around from where it dipped at .If we can get the park fully rented again I will at least break even in the mean time until I can buy more trailers to fill the empty lots available to rent.I am in another deal to buy an 18 lot park, with 18 park owned trailers, all fully rented, for 0k.Specifically AAPL, NTRI, BA, GOOG, SWN, TGT, GME, FXI, and many others.I’m hoping to use some of my diary to get some excellent plays in coming this fall.

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