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Only 20 per cent of tourists (about 150,000) came from the rest of the world in 2011. According to the Belarusian Statistics Committee, in 2011 the highest numbers of western tourists were from Turkey, Lithuania, New Zealand and Poland.

Belarus mostly attracts Russian citizens who come to rest at health resorts or gamble in casinos. They do not want to pay for expensive visas only to find the lack of appropriate tourist infrastructure.

After the Russian authorities outlawed casinos across almost the whole country, Belarus was quick to offer its service.

Many Russians come to Belarus to use its growing gambling industry.

Furthermore, there are almost no signs in English, even in the capital – all are in Cyrillic alphabet which most Westerners cannot read.

The Visa Wall Another Achilles heel of the Belarusian tourist industry is the “visa wall”.

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After that his ministers began to implement various state projects to boost the attractiveness of Belarus for incoming tourists.