No contact rule dating

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No contact rule dating

And so, the best thing about “no contact” is this: you get to find new, healthier sources of validation. When the relationship collapses, and you employ the no contact rule, you immediately free up extra time to do the things you’ve been neglecting. In turn, this allows you to gain insight; something you can use in the future to avoid attracting the same people.

While you don’t have to start something hot and heavy with another, you can (after an appropriate time) begin casual dating. The problem happens when a lover becomes the singular source of validation, thereby creating an unhealthy recipe for codependency. That said, when you break up with a person and stay true to the no contact rule, you allow yourself the ability to remember moments in context.

But you came here for the real deal and not a bunch of flowery nonsense, right? When we are involved with someone else, at least at the beginning, we don’t always see the red flags that a person may be bad for us.

Obviously, it’s never a good idea to jump out of one relationship and into another. Examples include clinginess, lying and/or being controlling.

By choosing no contact, you create space to with your feelings and thoughts. Another plus involved with no contact relates to changing your perspective.

When you are with someone intimately for a long period, it has a way of skewing your perceptions and creating blind spots.

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While there is no hard and fast rule, a minimum of six months to a year are good places to start. Examples include seeing them on the street or running into them while out and about. You may hear other advice elsewhere but here’s what I’m suggesting. In those narrow situations, your options are limited.

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