Nice guys freaks and creeps a dating memoir

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Nice guys freaks and creeps a dating memoir

s/t [Dance/Electronic] LCD Soundsystem may be dead, but DFA dances on.

With a current R&B climate perhaps friendlier than usual to her perennial brand of moody, mature mid-tempo jams, Two Eleven (RCA) offers an especially vibrant set of songs (including one Frank Ocean writing credit); feistier than 2008's gorgeous and ignored Human, that navigates between classic and contemporary, from full-throated balladry to Timbaland-style bangers (and even a dodgy Chris Brown feature) without ever really pandering.And while his hip-hop background shines through on occasion with a touch of sly boom-bap, the focus is on squarely on instrumental interplay, which is organic and improvisatory enough (in feeling, at least) that Bay Blue can be classified as a "proper" jazz record about as easily as it can be called anything else.It's hardly beholden to any one era or style, spanning Frankensteined be-bop ("Don't Clap On The One And The Three"), recombinant Dixieland ("Postcard From New Orleans") and throwback Cuban jazz (the roiling "Ulises Takes The Silent Cinema By Storm"), along with the growling, Mingus-like "Take It Back Time" – maybe the most impressive thing here – and the musty, cinematic 78 RPM swing of "To The Cornerstore," which recalls early-period Daedelus at his dandiest.Scruff, DJ Food.) But it's not an aesthetic or approach that was getting much play a decade later on, which is partly why Bay Blue – the eponymous debut of Oakland-based producer Matt Chang (who's previously provided beats for Sole and Pedestrian, and collaborated with Sixtoo, under the moniker Matth) – is such a refreshing delight.Essentially doing for jazz what Ninja Tuner Kid Koala did for the blues on his similarly time-out-of-joint 2012 release, Twelve-Bit Blues, Chang carefully constructs wholly new compositions out of untold dozens of samples.

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here's the plan: as i work my way toward year-end musical festivities (listing! It's certainly true that there's something of a pendulum swing in effect here, but it's also reductive (and unfairly dismissive of the extraordinary Cups) to label this a simple return to form.

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