Nancy kisch dating dating

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Nancy kisch dating dating

I am a rational and tolerant person, who respects the fact that other people have different and equally valid personalities from mine.Assuming that this other person is equally rational we should be able to meet each other half-way.Even if for various reasons I felt unable to return their affection, they deserved their chance to make their case and I owed it to them to hear them out with an open mind; above all else, I feel the need to avoid doing something that might hurt the other person.Following the author of Psalms, I see returning good with evil as the most unforgivable action one can do in this world.

In contrast, in circumstances where the situation has been reversed and I was aware that another person had feelings for me my position has been, whether or not I felt able to return those feelings, that the person had given me one of the nicest things possible, the knowledge that someone else cared about me, and that I, in turn, owed them something.

She could just as easily be replaced with someone else who also fit my categories and that person would mean the world to me.

Oddly enough, my approach to dating would likely work very well if I operated within the Haredi framework.

For one thing, this is a very quick process for me.

I should be able to figure out whether a girl fits my criteria in a matter of minutes; a few days if I really want to be sure.

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Similarly, with my dating, the girl I am with may mean the world to me but is of little relevance in of herself.