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Myadventuresofonlinedating com

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I’ve been waiting quite sometime to post this one since September actually, it just never seemed like the right time. So this gentleman wrote me a few weeks ago telling me he finally found a girl, a picture of them enclosed and all. So I hope you enjoy this read of my crazy messed up ride, with my cowboy Casanova.Well things went so well between the two of us that he came over again 2 days later.This time it was a lot less good, oh and guess who called again. Again I really couldn’t be that mad because the Steelers were on so I got to catch the end of the game lol. Well why texting the day after that he asked me the question I hate the most “why me” like I don’t know why I choose you, does anyone know the true answer to that question?So then I of course had to ask the question back to him. I laughed out loud because he literally tripped while getting out of my bed and I told him that it looks like he is the one falling for me Mr. He texted me the next day telling me he wanted to be just friends.Okay that’s fine with me I’ll respect that, but I wanted to know why not stick with what we had going.

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