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The purpose was to absolutely avoid the marriage of Muslims to polytheists who made every effort to stand against a religion that was defending the most vulnerable people on earth.Muslim men and women were, therefore, encouraged to get married to those who believe, like them, in one God symbolizing a monotheism purified from all other divinities and injustice.I go through pretty much every emotion a non-Muslim woman does when talking to someone," she says, which is why a fair number of her followers are non-Muslim."We're just a different religion, not a different breed.Asma LamrabetIt goes without saying that the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man is one of the main taboo issues in debates on Islam."The more I spoke of my relationship with him – I'd met him on Tinder...which isn’t a norm – the more I got messages from my female following about their guy issues." At first she'd answer most of them on Snapchat, but soon she was receiving a hundred messages a day from Muslim women seeking advice about their not-so-Muslim relationships and how to make them halal. Dating as a Muslim woman is different than it is for many others, she explains, in that "there’s less 'I like you, let’s see where this goes,' and more 'I like you, do you see yourself marrying me in the future?Because if not, tell me now'." There's "a lot of pressure" she says.Navigating the world of dating, sex and love is a minefield at the best of times, but when you throw religion into the mix it can be even more complicated.For Muslim women in particular, it can be difficult speaking openly about relationship issues and concerns, which some put down to a lack of sex-positivity in the faith and its strict rules around relationships and sex outside marriage.

She believes there's no one speaking as candidly about dating as a Muslim as she is right now – among the topics she's taken on hitherto are wedding night sex, haram (forbidden) relationships, and her own experience of divorce and being widowed, as well as practical advice and tips for creating a Muslim dating app profile.On the one hand, the Qur’an showed “Tolerance” towards the fact of slavery that was universally common at the time; on the other hand, it sought to break the first chains of social hierarchy by preferring these “poor” believing slaves to those wealthy people who formed the elite then.By getting married to slaves regardless of their social hardship, Islam encouraged Muslims to value people on other basis than their social class, and henceforth; find a balance between the differences established by the ethnic-tribal system at that time.Thus, the said verse stipulates that Muslim men and women are allowed to contract marriage with believers ().It is worth mentioning that the the Qur’anic verse clearly stresses the totally egalitarian approach in favor of both men and women and which is not confusing at all.

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According to a broad consensus religiously sterile, a Muslim woman is formally forbidden to marry a non-Muslim man regardless of his religion, while a Muslim man is allowed to get married to a non Muslim woman, mainly a Christian or a Jew, considered by the Islamic schools as “People of the Book”[1].

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