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Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

I only want one user to be able to make changes at a time (any other users would get a read-only).For some reason it currently does not do this, and I have multiple users with the same doc open.I have experience with creating macros that reference different workbooks, but not sure how to go about opening files with different filenames (without referencing the exact filename).I'd like to be able to have basic code for opening, saving and closing, opening next file, saving and closing, etc. Thanks, Jason I would like to send an Excel file with hyperlinks of photo's attached to cells but when it is sent the recieving person cannot access the hyperlinks anymore. The file contains archive info that we do not have anywhere else.

I have read about sharing the file and I don't think that would make things any better.We would like for the file to open for the first person.And then for any others after that, get a message that the file is in use WITHOUT the option to open a read-only copy.I'm concerned that changes will get over-written when 2 people are saving their changes. We have an Excel spreadsheet that sits on the network.People need to open the file to be able to sign up for various duty rosters.

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Prevent multiple users accessing the same file at one time regardless of read only or not.

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