Mongol women and dating

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Mongol women and dating

teppe women had a greater participation than their settled sisters in politics, war and daily work.With Women and the Making of the Mongol Empire, Anne F Broadbridge sets out to substantiate this general observation in the case of the Mongols, from Chinggis (Genghis) Khan to the Great Mongol Ulus and its successor.In the case of the two Tatar sisters Chinggis took as wives, Broadbridge finds intercession on behalf of Tatars the sisters’ main objective: Other captured wives did not manage to salvage their home clans or revive a slaughtered people.The trauma of these women Broadbridge points to, but cannot describe, because of a lack of testimony in our sources.

Results, she thinks, are more honest than what the sources say, for contemporaries had limited insight into women’s motivations and tend to present them in either conventional pieties or derogatory types.

Power struggle, our default motif, is a sort of non-explanation.

Instead, this book’s consistent examination of how Mongol society functioned for women uncovers in the widow queens a motivation and a logic of behavior previously missed by scholars.

Broadbridge is determined to study “systems” behind the anecdotal evidence.

Chinggis biographies have not been slow to acknowledge that the women in his family seem to have had particular sway over the great man.

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Whether women’s efforts succeeded or failed, Broadbridge believes we can see what at least the elite ladies mentioned in the sources tried to do with their lives.

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