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A corn field formed the outlying circle; corn, the contribution of Native Americans to the peoples of the world, is regarded as the gift of Mother Earth.The collection includes biographical materials, correspondence, project files, printed material and artifacts documenting the career of the American painter Le Roy Neiman.The papers of Le Roy Neiman measure approximately 70.5 linear feet and date from 1938 to 2005.With squash and beans sharing the field, the entire area was thus surrounded by the three staple foods of the Southwest, the "three sisters" of the Iroquois.The Learning Center, designed by architect Dennis Sun Rhodes, Arapaho, faces East, the direction of sunrise and of life, and visitors were intended to proceed inside sunwise, in a circle.

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In addition, a list of these contact sheets, naming the artists appearing on them, has been provided by Ms. Twenty-four black-and-white photoprints (enlargements) of jazz musicians in concert, and twenty contact sheets of scenes from the same performances.