Medieval dating

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In fifteenth-century France, whilst women wore loose-fitting clothes that hid most of their body, men would wear tight trousers that accentuated their calves (amongst other features).

This was part of the reason that people were so shocked when Joan of Arc dressed in men’s clothing – it left little to the imagination, and was far more revealing of her female form than women’s clothing.

Eye makeup isn’t in fashion, although if you really want to you can put drops of Belladonna (aka deadly nightshade) in your eyes to dilate your pupils.

Pop on some rouge from ground up plants, and to make your lips a more attractive colour you can stain it with crushed berries, or rub lemon juice on them.

Obviously, beauty standards varied just as much as they do today, and what was hot and in during the 9.

It is also important to wear some makeup, so as to enhance your beauty (but don’t wear too much in case you look like a hussy, or in case you tempt some married men to want to commit adultery with you – which would be entirely your own fault).

In lieu of having a local Sephora, you can turn to nature.

The particular data set which motivated this study is the Documents of Early England Data Set (DEEDS) maintained at the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of Toronto.

This data set consists of charters, that is, documents evidencing the transfer and/or possession of land and/or movable property, and the rights which govern them.

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A key aim of the DEEDS project was to produce a reliable data base from which methods for dating the undated charters could be devised.