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Anus girlfriend, takes strong phallus sexual partner on the eggs.Here's a really neat trick discovered by my colleague Preet that you can use to show a relationship between files in Visual Studio, just like Microsoft does with partial 'designer' classes.You've probably noticed when you add a new windows form in VS 2005 that two files are created: My and My Form.Here's a snippet of a .csproj that has three files, all partial classes of 'Foo'.In the solution explorer Foo.1appears nested below and Foo.1.1appears below Foo.1The only way of doing this at the moment is by editing the .csproj file, but it's pretty cool, especially if you're writing code generators and GAT tools like I have been recently where you might want generated content to be visually related to user written code.server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

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The designer file is a file that is autogenerated from the ASPX page and allows the programmer to reference components in the ASPX page from the CS page without having to declare them manually, as was necessary in ASP.

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