Learning styles diverging assimilating converging accommodating Free chat milf one to one

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Learning styles diverging assimilating converging accommodating

The understanding that the individual generates from the results of the action will then give him an idea on how to react on a specific situation.

(Smith, 1996)It will produce inkling in the individual to take the action to an active test (doing).

The learning cycle, which is the core principle of Kolb’s theory, touches all bases: experience, reflection, thinking and acting.

The cycle may actually start anywhere within the cycle and should be approached in a continuous spiral (Smith, 1996).

In an attempt to explain how an individual processes information and eventually learns, David Kolb, an Organizational Behaviour professor, formulated in 1984 the experiential learning theory and cycle of learning.Convergers are active experimenters or abstract conceptualizers.The process of learning for them works in a way that they conceptualize an idea and bring this into practice.They also enjoy working with others, participating in activities and receiving constructive feedbacks, however, they are not very good in dealing with conflicts, they usually fret.Generally, they prefer to learn through a logical instruction, hands-on exploration and intelligent conversations (Changing minds, n.d.).

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Kolb noted in his theory that there is a four stage learning cycle wherein the four distinct learning styles are based.

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