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Next, you will need to fill out the Affidavit Re Change of Name (Adult).This form will be used to notify the court of your criminal history as well as supply them with additional personal information.Changing the name on your voter registration can be accomplished by submitting a Voter Registration Form to a town clerk.Be sure to indicate the purpose of the form by selecting the “Name Change” option available in section 1(a) of the form.The court, upon your request, may also restore your birth name or former name after your divorce decree has been issued.

The petitioner will need to submit a written request which informs the court of the proposed new name as well as the reason for the change.The individual may instead use their divorce decree or marriage license as proof that their name has changed.Laws – § 45a-99 If you would like to change your last name after marriage, you can simply begin to use the new name as soon as you are legally married.Fill out the form completely for the signature field.You will need to provide your signature in front of a notary public prior to filing with the probate court OR have an official of the court (e.g., clerk, judge) witness the signing of the document when it is filed.

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