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The next morning, Kern's research assistant, Anna Manfredi, lets them look through the work that the young man in the photo did when he attended the University.As they browsed, Declan tells Lori he is upset that she slept with the other boy that night.Charlie and Declan visited the Tragers' house where Declan apologized to Kyle.He also told Lori his punishment for the hit-and-run.Lori arrived the following day to confess that Kyle was not her boyfriend. He did, but she was unable to sneak out because her parents were guarding Kyle's room.Soon after, Lori skipped working at the juice bar to make out with Declan in his swimming pool.

He threw a party on the following Friday, and he stayed with another girl. The next day, Lori and Hillary showed up at a juice bar, where Hillary pretended that Kyle was Lori's new boyfriend.

Declan went to the Tragers' house to thank Kyle for standing up for him. A few weeks later, Kyle went to Lori's room where he found her and Declan talking.

Declan told them that he was going to the University of Washington over the weekend.

Lori overheard this and spoke to Declan in her room.

She convinced Declan that he should admit it and face the consequences.

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Lori told him that she only slept in his room after talking most of the night.

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