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Jill recalls one instance when she stepped in to pair a woman with a man she remembered from the files. A girl came in, and I said, ‘I know who would work for you,’” she said.

“If someone likes blondes, I’ll say, ‘Let’s try a brunette.’ If someone is attracted to tall women, I advise them to try someone shorter.

“If people are successful at their companies, sometimes they need coaching,” she said. They aren’t like the dating strategies Jill remembers. There were singles parties in San Francisco where 2,000 people would meet.

That’s not happening anymore.” Instead, online dating can be nerve-wracking in its lack of transparency.

Still, the people you’ll work with usually have plenty of years in this business and tend to have a high success rate so that none of you waste too much time.

Many television shows, perhaps too many, make use of the voiceover, but none with the ridiculous excellence of Michael C. So, by way of a recap, we'll be bringing you a new one every week.

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