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Luckily, his soon-to-be wife, Milessa Munchmore, is successful enough for the both of them.Once a successful pole vaulter in college, Munchmore went on to double-major in Spanish and International Relations, and then, a double-Master's in International Relations and Public Affairs."The May issue of Playboy is unforgettable with 'Dancing With The Stars'' Karina Smirnoff on the cover & nude inside," Playboy founder Hugh Hefner tweeted Wednesday.Hefner has other "Dancing Withe Stars" connections as well.But to make it in the Major League, you need more than just good baseball genes—you need to know how to survive, and if anyone knows how to survive and beat the odds, it's Hamels' wife Heidi: a former contestant on the popular reality series, If there was any one child born for playoff baseball, their son Caleb may just be him.Not only does he have the baseball make-up of his father and the survival instinct of his mother, but he was born during a 2009 NLCS game pitched by his father.Season 12 contestant Kendra Wilkinson is a former Hefner girlfriend and was one of the stars of his "The Girls Next Door" reality TV show.

Just the other day, during a start against the Seattle Mariners, Hamels became the third quickest, active pitcher to reach 1,000 strikeouts for his career.How many years do some of our favorite aging stars have left in the tank?What does the future hold for our favorite organization?Looking around the game today, some of the league's top talents are hooking up with some great female athletes, and the result can only be positive, right? With such unreachable goals in mind, lets take a moment to forecast the next baseball great and rank the parents that are most likely to provide the genes to get him there.This couple has all of the makings for a pair that can produce a great contact hitter.

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In his third year with the Sox, Bard has a record of 4-8 with an ERA of just 2.63.

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