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search=ts_act_treaty"_resel Page 29: I - the last letter is actually an I (eye).

Here’s the full link: 31: H1 - it is ggo instead of goo.

Full link here: 39: 45: I have a ballot box and voting papers so if any school wants to run a mock election, as part of an author talk visit please do contact me.

Ka kite ano Maria Gill children’s authors and illustrators came together at a hui in 1993 at Joy Cowley’s seaside home in the Marlborough Sounds and said, ‘Why don’t we have a festival celebrating New Zealand children’s books’.

It is incredible fun – come with your kids, parents, or by yourself! Also, on Saturday 24th August at the Ponsonby Art Station see the ‘Pictures Without Words’ illustration exhibition from 10-4pm. I’ll be at the Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland Storylines Family Festival Days and would love to see you there! When I first began giving author talks nearly ten years ago – I thought my goal was to inform the audience.

Since observing some of New Zealand’s best presenters I realised you had to take it a step further.

Normal - Standard pet Angelic - Angelic wings Faerie - Faerie wings Demonic - Demonic wings and horns Dark Faerie - Dark faerie wings Editted - Any non-cosplay pet with edits (including pets base off animals)Cosplay - I pet based on your OC or a RL person or character.

My new book ‘Running the Country’ has been hitting a right note with teachers and librarians around the country.

In the early days I was very nervous when giving talks.I link this to having a dream and if you’re hard working and determined enough – you can make it happen.The kids also see sneak previews of new books coming out.They’ve told me there was a desperate need for an updated book about how our country is run and now they have it.We’ve been receiving fantastic reviews of the book.

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