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Only a very few, like the Watson family Bible, are original to the house.

Diane Argraves, DAR honorary state regent, says, “From the attic to the basement, they touched every piece in the house; they sprayed with an antimicrobial agent and wiped it down.” And, Sanftner adds, “Every spoon, every cup, every piece of paneling.

It freaked me out when I saw liquid running down my antique furniture.” Restore My Clothes of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, took care of the textiles—quilts, linens, curtains, rugs, and napkins. The first Watson to settle in New Jersey, in a log house he built on a bluff facing a creek, was William, a Quaker who in 1684 left England with his children for America “where they could worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience,” according to a DAR history of the Watson House.

Other furnishings were heirlooms from DAR members or antiques purchased by DAR chapters or members.

Especially lovely are needlework contributed by DAR members, for example, curtains in the parlor embroidered by DAR members in the 1860s.

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“As a costumer, you are delving in history all the time,” she says, noting that costumes run the gamut from clothing people wore in caves to imagined clothing of the future. “It took until late the 1980’s for art curators to understand that clothing could actually time a painting.