Joe and taylor dating parents good dating rules

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reports that he and the actors who played soldiers in the movie traveled to Georgia to participate in a boot camp run by veterans."There was no contact to the outside world; our phones were taken away," Alwyn said.

Taylor Swift doesn't give his lady cause for concern.

Diehard Swifties know the former country superstar belted out a rendition of "Lose Yourself" during her 2012 Alwyn has been tight-lipped about their alleged tryst, and Swift, for her part, has reportedly donned disguises such as hats and scarves to hide from prying eyes.

She may have even rented a house in North London so she could "get to know him without any chaos," reported Almost immediately after it was released on Oct.

If you aren't a fan of Taylor Swift, you might not know that she's been quietly dating British actor Joe Alwyn for almost three years, with the pair choosing to keep their relationship extremely private despite scrutiny from the media.

Swift has never spoken about Alwyn in public and the duo does their best to avoid paparazzi, with the singer having reportedly employed disguises to spend time with her boyfriend in London when they first began dating.

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"I mean, she's good with people and she's good at listening, and if I want to talk about something, she's great," he told the was text his mom and dad.