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“Sorry,” he says to Ali after the call, barely hiding a smile. Not from the obvious amount of editing they have to do between the two taping stations — in Turkey and Canada — but from Jessica Spillas’ fake reaction.She immediately bursts into tears, as if this is all about her. The only reason Jessica came forward, it seems, is because she found out, through Justin “Rated-R” Rego’s Facebook account, that he was also dating some chick named Kimberly Kerekes.• Jake and Vienna talk to Chris during “After the Final Rose.” Mike Fleiss — Second cousin to Heidi, did you know? Then again – no offense – I’m thinking amoebas may have more of a connection with Jillian Harris than Kiptyn Locke. Just not interesting to watch (unless we just watch the abs). Explains a lot — told Entertainment Weekly it “bugs” him and his “Bachelor” minions that someone is singing like a canary to Reality Steve — aka Steve Carbone. I just found out even my dad, John Carbone, watches the “Bachelor” — hi Dad! Please tell me the rumor about Kiptyn being the next “Bachelor” is false. I never thought she would be this wonderful in every possible way. She saw herself as a “damaged” girl who just wanted to be loved and accepted. Monday spot open to “Bachelor” viewers for as long as possible. Then she left for her job at Facebook and made such a whiny pill of herself I got irritated. Because she was playing the long game this whole time. *** ABC just issued a press release on Ali being named as the new “Bachelorette:” ALI FEDOTOWSKY PUTS IT ALL ON THE LINE FOR HER SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE WHEN SHE BECOMES “THE BACHELORETTE,” PREMIERING MAY 24 ON ABC Ali Fedotowsky has finally decided to risk it all for love.I think that’s the norm for “Bachelor” contestants. (They get to keep it up with Jake Pavelka on “Dancing with the Stars,” starting March 22.) And Reid, if you get bored dating a perfect, gorgeous blonde pageant chick who “didn’t watch” your show… She told host Chris Harrison during “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love: After the Final Rose” that she wants 50 guys instead of 25, which I have no problem with. Why settle for Jake when you can have 25 better men? The energetic and charismatic career-oriented woman from San Francisco has re-prioritized her life – and now love comes out on top.

By the time she sorted out her work affairs, Jake had already moved on with his search for love with the three fabulous women who stayed with him, and he did not allow Ali to return. Admitting that she made one of the biggest mistakes of her life, she has let go of everything this time – her apartment, her job, her stability – to really make a life-changing commitment to put her heart first. Kiptyn made a lovely speech that Jill should’ve cut off at some point.

) The subject came up because we’re coming up on a year after the Jason Mesnick/Melissa Rycroft/Molly Malaney situation (before the situation was The Situation). More likely, The Carbone I Am Not Related To — who is sporting quite the ego — is just excited to milk this new publicity. Reality Steve told EW he relies on several tipsters who “just fell into my lap.” “I don’t go looking for this stuff, it comes to me because I’m willing to throw the show under the bus,” he said. But we’re not all getting “only about 400,000 to 500,000 page views a week,” which doesn’t really deserve an “only,” in my view.

Those three landed well — Jason & Molly are getting married on ABC and Melissa is a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, which is probably what she wanted most to begin with. ” If anything, Reality Steve could be secretly be on the ABC payroll, or getting info from people paid to give it to him. In other “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” news, Jillian Harris joined the design team of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” as a special guest designer during the episode entitled “Skaggs Family,” which began shooting on Monday. ABC issued a press release about it, which makes me wish HGTV had issued a press release when Reid Rosenthal was on “My First Place.” I’m coming to this late, not because I didn’t know Reid Rosenthal — Jillian Harris’ worst mistake of many on “The Bachelorette” — was going to be on HGTV’s “My First Place,” but because I did not realize it would be on RIGHT NOW. I was not prepared in many ways, so it took me five minutes to figure out which channel HGTV is on.

He was the slightly neurotic, but funny and charming realtor from Pennsylvania that proposed to Jillian AFTER being rejected by her.

But, after being rejected by her a second time, he dated Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton — not a bad rebound!

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She was fine with all of this until she found out that she was also being two-timed. And how about this chestnut from Jessica, during the video: “I’m really trying to be strong through all of this.” Really? But she had to give up her crown tonight, so I wanted her to have something else she can treasure forever. ” — really drove home the back alley roots of this show. And that rubbish about how women love to watch other women cry because of the at-least-it’s-not-me factor. And, no, they don’t need to cast villains for other women to hate. Even with a cameo by Wes Hayden (whose heavily edited smart-aleck limo time was re-run, and who was shown to give a long pause before saying, again, that he did not have a girlfriend during Jillian’s season), the 20/20 show was too ABC soft to take seriously. ) “The Bachelor” franchise still needs a good hard investigative scrub, but it’s going to have to be done on a different network.

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